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Favourite work of the week, amazing food photography with a space narrative twist!

Endless Books: 8 Weeks
- Dina Belenko




Sports Anime Rivalries


Kuroko no Basuke: Like the worst break up ever. But five times.

Yowapeda: Either best frenemies for life, or trapped in rivalries with unworldly creatures. 

Haikyuu!!: Archnemeses who probably party together on weekends. 

Free!: We’re all basically best friends but we try really hard to hide it at official meets. Except for when we cry on each other.


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Week 2 of the FRM (the name is a little false advertisement now ah) starts today!

Don’t forget you can still continue to answer the tropes form, since none of the themes for the next weeks are set on stone.

The themes for this week are PWP (Porn without plot) or Fluff!

You can start submitting your own writings, specific for this event, to our submit box (specify the trope somewhere).

You can start sending links to your favorite fics to this Google form.

You can submit/rec fics, ficlets, podfics, oneshots, illustrated fics, etc. Have fun!!!






If you come as softly
As wind within the trees
You may hear what I hear
See what sorrow sees.

If you come as lightly
As threading dew
I will take you gladly
Nor ask more of you.

You may sit beside me
Silent as a breath
Only those who stay dead
Shall remember death.

And if you come I will be silent
Nor speak harsh words to you.
I will not ask you why, now.
Or how, or what you do.

We shall sit here, softly
Beneath two different years
And the rich earth between us
Shall drink our tears.

Audre Lorde (via observando)

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B) My friend Kin starts tumblr! I really love her arts:)

I’ll reblog her arts for a while, cuz i hope you dont miss her art><

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fun fact: you are your icon

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N i n e / ナイン

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now that I’m sold out of ultraviolet, here are some images from the zine! I don’t know if i want to reprint this in the future, but I kind of want to make a vol. 2, or something. haha